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Yui Mikami

Yui Mikami

She joined the apparel trading company as a comprehensive job. As brand planning sales staff, engaged in customer service, sales promotion, shop management guidance and so on. After that, she became independent as a free announcer. Appeared as a caster, commentator on television and radio etc.

Drawing on her wealth of experience, she has over 1,000 achievements and undertakes a request for training to a talent school and an event staff as an event producer.

She established Next Stage Produce Co., Ltd.in 2000.
She has a track record in handling personal training, organizational climate reform and human resources training for people who are active in various industries such as top artists, executives, politicians. Based on that, she provides a simple, intrinsically experienced training with a focus on leadership, communication and presentation, and are acting as trainers and lecturers. Her theme is "human power".

Her training style coming from the wide range of experiences has a reputation that the story is easy to understand and participants are drawn in.

Area of expertise:

Communication, Presentation, Self leadership, Assertive Communication, Conflict Management, Leadership, Team Building, Coaching

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