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Trainocate Group is Human Resource Development Company operating world wide,
having strength in Asian Market.

From our long, prosperous history and track records, Trainocate and AMA* will leverage the world-wide network and provide business skills training, technical training and IT training world-wide. For companies, human resource development is not a cost but an investment. Trainocate group will tailor each companies' human resource development solution and lead our customer to success.

Trainocate group is providing AMA human development solutions in Asia

What and where we cover as a Group

Trainocate group

In a current market trends, having diversified customer needs and technological transformation, it is necessary to systematically tackle human resources developments as an organization. This is to develop human resources who has capabilities for accepting diversified values and creates high added value/innovation in rapidly changing markets' situation.
Also, IT and digitization of social infrastructure is expected to have a major impact on business strategy, marketing, organizational management and way of working. To create new value and strengthen competitiveness, it is necessary to integrate human resources with business skills such as management skills and advanced IT skills.

Trainocate group covers from new graduates to top executive by layer based training lineups, not only for business skills such as management and leadership but also for latest IT technical skills so that each company can enjoy our one stop solutions in these HRD area.

Trainocate Group

World Wide Network of Trainocate

Trainocate Group, Now Operating in 11 Different Countries/Regions

World Wide Network of Trainocate

Trainocate Group Companies

Trainocate, by its unique positioning to be an independent training specialized company, we will provide our customers' technical IT training, tailored to their management strategy, from neutral point of view. We are not only certified from world leading IT vendors, but also developing practical courses internally for IT professionals.

Quintegral will support human resources developments actively world-wide by providing various training services such as leadership, management, communication, sales, marketing etc. As a human resource development service provider providing AMA services, with a history of more than 90 years, in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and in Thailand.

Kornerstone is well known training provider in Hong Kong having over 10 years of business experience with both individuals and corporate clients of professional training. Individual training provides a wide range of training for global qualifications from management, finance, IT, legal, business skills to languages. For enterprises, tailor-made training programs to meet the needs of each companies are provided. The company name Kornerstone's K comes from Knowledge and is based on the belief that knowledge is the key to success in all businesses.

TLG Learning is based in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State, USA having 24 years of experience in IT training with high customer satisfaction. Supporting several major IT companies in the area having problems in shortage of engineers and mismatches after entering the company. TLG is known as a pioneer with many solutions to these area. "Selection and new employee training for enterprises", "Veteran skill shifting training" that they are providing jointly with federal government/public institutions. Through these programs, they not only have IT skills training but also collaborative trainings for new organization members.

Clisk is a digital marketing strategy developing and implementing firm operating in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and in Malaysia. They are also managing web media aiming for further growth by adding synergies as members of the Trainocate Group.

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