Quintegral is the exclusive representative of the American Management Association which is world well know human resource development consulting organization.

In 1923, American Management Association (AMA) was founded with some of business leader's aspiration to provide other business leaders opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices to improve and grow organization and contribute to the society.

AMA's Value Proposition

  • [en]企業の課題・ベストプラクティスを反映したコース開発

    Feature 1

    Cutting edge information and courses

    After all it is VUCA world, business environment changes faster than ever. Also some of these change are disruptive to certain industries. In these society, business leaders need to catch up and learn new skills sets to achieve better performance.
    AMA provide cutting edge courses to these business leaders. AMA hold council meetings which are consisted with top executives in government and fortune 500 corporation to gather current business issues and future trend. Based on these information, AMA does research in global market to collect best practices and develop courses.

  • [en]実務に役立つコースを、世界の拠点にて受講可能

    Feature 2

    Practical Courses in global major cities

    AMA courses are schedule in major cities in many countries. The course contents are adjusted to meet local culture but course concept kept global standards.
    AMA courses are very interactive and fast pace, participants has many opportunities to practice and receive feedback from subject matter experts.

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History of AMA

  • 1920

    AMA founded in New York. Annual Committee meetings of business leaders to exchange ideas and best practices.
  • 1930

    The National Packaging Exposition of American management Association annually attracted hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors. It was one of the many large scale programs AMA sponsored in its early years to help disseminate information to managers ton emerging trends and key business topics.
    3800 executives attend AMA's 7 major conferences
  • 1940

    AMA held 11 conferences in 1947, more than 500 business leaders and managers attended these meetings. AMA started to develop reputation for implementing creative training ideas.
    AMA innovated workshop seminar style, a limited sized discussion group led by an expert facilitator.
  • 1960

    AMA opens Management Centre Europe in Brussels
    AMA opens Management Centre Mexico in Mexico city
  • 1970

    AMA opens Canadian Management Centre in Toronto
  • 1990

    AMA serves the Chinese market through the Asia Pacific Management Institute in Shanghai
    AMA opens AMA Japan.
    Dr. Peter Drucker makes a congratulatory speech at the Opening Ceremony
  • 2000

    AMA Japan transfers its all business operations to Global Knowledge Management Center Ltd. (currently Quintegral Ltd.) a newly established subsidiary of Global Knowledge Network Ltd. (currently Trainocate Ltd.)

AMA delivered trainings for more than 25,000 organizations in more than 75 countries. AMA helped more than four million people to develop their professional skills in a decade.

AMA was awarded one of top 20 leadership training organization from 9 times since 2010.

AMA Global Presence

AMA Global Presence

AMA's global network helps organization and business leaders to enhance their global HRD resources and learning opportunities.

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