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[ASP] Understanding Harassment & Mental Healthcare

Course Summary

The importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) is spreading around the world, and more efforts are being made to promote empowerment of women and shorter work-ing hours. At the same time, organizations are focusing on compliance and measures against harassment.
Due to increase in complaints and problems related to power harassment at work-place, measures to prevent power harassment are required by law.
This program is designed to deepen understanding of power harassment and sexual harassment for leaders at all levels of the organization and for all individual mem-bers who make up the workforce, and to learn how to prevent it. This program is of-fered as an e-Learning course so that everyone in the organization can learn at their own pace and at their own preferred time.

Price: 5,500yen per person (tax included)
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  • 1 day(Duration : 1 hour)

How You Will Benefit

  • ● What causes harassment
  • ● How to reflect on your behavior at work
  • ● Preventive measures
  • ● How to handle harassment, including utilization of hotline
  • ● The significance of mental healthcare
  • ● What we do to promote mental healthcare

Who Should Attend

  • ● All the business person
  • ● This program supports Japanese/English, voice guidance, and script display.

Course Outline

1. What is Harassment?

2. Power Harassment
 - What is Power Harassment?
 - Impact of Power Harassment
 - Types of Power Harassment
 - Court Cases Related to Power Harassment
 - Self-check to Prevent Power Harassment
 - Prevent Power Harassment: Points to be Aware of when Communicating

3. Sexual Harassment
 - What is Sexual Harassment?
 - Impact of Sexual Harassment
 - Types of Sexual Harassment
 - Sexual Harassment Case
 - Self-check to Prevent Sexual Harassment
 - Prevent Harassment: Points to be Aware of when Communicating

4. Other Types of Harassment
 - Maternity Harassment
 - Gender Harassment

5. Mental Healthcare
 - What is Mental Healthcare?
 - Four Types of Mental Healthcare

Comprehension Test

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