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Women in Business

Course Summary

This program does not just provide leadership communication training to women who are expected to play an important role in the future. It is also designed to make you think deeply about how to utilize your “woman’s characteristics” and your own “individual characteristics” in the business world. When looking two to three years ahead, what do you need in order to achieve your goals? You will surely be able to develop your own “self-brand” learn specific business skills, create your action plan, and make clear changes in your actions immediately ?the day you complete this course!!


  • Fee
  • 66,000 yen (
  • Venue
  • TBD
  • Language
  • Japanese
  • Hosted by
  • Quintegral Ltd.
  • Location
  • Online/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Others
  • Duration
  • 1 day(9:30-17:30)
  • PDU
  • Power Skills: 7.0

Select date & time

  • Jun.03,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Sep.27,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Dec.02,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Feb.25,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • May.16,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online

Important Notice

  • Live online seminar is delivered using Zoom.

How You Will Benefit

  • ● Recognize the work environment and cultural background surrounding you?and confirm your ”own” existence within those circumstances
  • ● Examine the differences between men and women from various angles? and learn the communication skills that will suit you best after understanding those differences
  • ● Increase your strengths as a business person by understanding the differences between the actions of men and women in difficult situations
  • ● Learn the skills for communicating logically so that you can adapt it in your work
  • ● Acquire a positive and proactive way of thinking? and apply it to your professional behavior
  • ● Get started on a behavior plan to help you build up “My Brand”

Who Should Attend

  • Business women who would like to perform at your full potential.

Course Outline

1. Women Leaders —Today and Tomorrow
Discover how the working environment, cultural background and the role that society has traditionally expected of women has changed. Think about your potential strengths by analyzing this generally accepted notion as opposed to the new reality of women in the workplace.
2. Influence
You will investigate and appreciate the power of your personal influence in the workplace. You will acquire tips and the knowledge necessary to broaden your influence in your company ?all by acquiring a deeper understanding of its organizational structure.
3. Communication
Understand the different communication styles of men and women in the workplace, and discover the best way to interact with both. You will also learn how to create effective messages and the way to communicate them with confidence.
4. Communicating Logically
Reacknowledge the importance of communicating logically and learn the process of logical communication. You will also learn the PRES model which will make you easy to utilize your learning into daily work.
5. Setting Your Plan to Implement new Strategies for Success
You will create an action plan to help you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals.

Prerequisite / Pre-Assignment

Pre-Assignment Required

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