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Successfully Managing People ~Move your team to higher performance~ in English

Course Summary

Are you ready to develop a high-performance team and get more done? Resolve team conflict using emotional intelligence and get more from your team by adapting your management style to every situation.

You’ll learn how to:
・Motivate every member of your team—even if they don’t share your values
・Use positive and corrective feedback to turn problem employees around and maximize productivity
・Apply the most relevant conflict resolution style to eliminate friction

You’ll also get:
・Practice adapting your style using case studies
・Personal feedback from the instructor and peers
・Pre- and post-seminar assessments
・Tune-up materials to review what you’ve learned after the event
・And additional resources to maximize your training goals


  • Fee
  • 148,500 yen (
  • Venue
  • TBD
  • Language
  • English
  • Hosted by
  • Quintegral Ltd.
  • Location
  • Online/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Others
  • Duration
  • 2 days(9:30-17:30)
  • PDU
  • Power Skills: 14.0

Select date & time

  • Jul.30-31,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Dec.02-03,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • May.22-23,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online

Important Notice

  • Live online seminar is delivered using Zoom.

How You Will Benefit

  • ● Master challenging situations with proven tools and techniques
  • ● Communicate with authenticity, clarity and precision
  • ● Flex your management and personal style for impactful work relationships
  • ● Tailor your approach to motivate and empower different types of people
  • ● Apply ethical leadership and set ethical standards throughout your work group
  • ● Recognize the role of values in managing and influencing people
  • ● Apply the principles of emotional intelligence to elevate you to a new level of effectiveness

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and individuals with management responsibilities whose success depends on managing people successfully through clear communication, a cooperative attitude and commitment to shared goals.

Course Outline

1. The Experience of Being a Manager in Today’s Organization   
- Recognizing how economic and social trends have changed the manager’s role
- Defining “successfully managing people”
- Discussing and illustrating specific challenges you face when motivating others in today’s organizations

2. Values, Ethical Leadership and Organizational Culture
- Defining “values” and recognizing their source
- Identifying ways in which values impact work life and productivity
- Defining “ethics” and setting ethical standards for employees
- Understanding your role in creating and sustaining the organization’s culture

3. Personal Styles: DiSC
- Determining your own personal profile (disc profile)
- Delving into the strengths and limitations of your disc profile
- Using behavioral cues to determine others’ personal style
- Gaining insight into how to more effectively work with other personal styles

4. Motivating Those You Manage
- Distinguishing between pre-motivators, demotivators and motivators
- Tailoring your motivational efforts to individual employees and situations
- Applying motivational strategies when delegating responsibilities and/or tasks to an individual

5. Communication Skills for Managers
- Using techniques of active listening to gain critical information
- Effectively using positive and corrective feedback
- Dealing with difficult employees

6. Emotional Intelligence
- Describing the competencies of emotional intelligence
- Assessing your own level of emotional intelligence
- Developing a strategy for improving your emotional intelligence

Prerequisite / Pre-Assignment

TOEIC Score 650 or Higher / Pre-Assignment Required

Additional Information

  • Course outline is partly subject to change without prior notice.


  • ● The style of learning with interacting with other participants was a great opportunity which cannot be done with our internal company members.
  • ● The greatest thing about this course for me was that I could learn not only management skills but also managing the emotions at the same time.

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