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Generational Diversity in English: Bridging the Gap Through Effective Communication

Course Summary

Discover how to communicate clearly and in the most positive and effective way possible with all generations in the workplace. Through exercises, role plays and case studies, attendees will learn and practice specific skills to identify generational differences, break through stereotypes, foster respect and create a more productive work environment.


  • Fee
  • 143,000 yen (
  • Venue
  • TBD
  • Language
  • English
  • Hosted by
  • Quintegral Ltd.
  • Location
  • Online/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Others
  • Duration
  • 2 days(9:30-17:30)
  • PDU
  • Power Skills: 14.0

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    How You Will Benefit

    • ● Flex your communication style to meet the challenges of generational differences
    • ● Recognize how values, work style, cultural influences and career expectations influence communications
    • ● Reduce interpersonal conflict and ensure more successful teamwork
    • ● Move beyond generational stereotypes and create successful knowledge transfers
    • ● Learn how people from different generations define respect
    • ● Address your audience more effectively by customizing messages and selecting the appropriate communication method

    Who Should Attend

    • Business professionals at every level and in all functional areas working in or leading teams who need to improve their ability to communicate with coworkers of every generation.

    Course Outline

    1. Introductions to the Generations
    2. Multigenerational Communication Challenges
    3. Solutions to Multigenerational Communication Challenges
    4. Planning for the Future

    Prerequisite / Pre-Assignment

    TOEIC Score 650 or Higher

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    Monday - Friday 9:00-17:30

    Closed: Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, New Years holidays (12/29-1/4)