Web-My-Page Terms of Use

Web-My-Page Terms of Use

Quintegral Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company"), the Company's Web site (https://www.quintegral.co.jp/ (hereinafter referred to as the "Site")) offers My Page (defines in Article 3, (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") and terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") defines as follows. In addition, the use of this Service by customers is subject to the condition that customers agree to all of the terms herein.

  • Article 1 (General Rules)
    1. This agreement stipulates the conditions for customers to apply for public courses (hereinafter referred to as "Public Courses") for training held by the Company on this Service provided by the Company.
    2. Regarding the use of this Service by customers, in addition to this agreement, we may establish Public Courses and other special provisions regarding the use of each Service, other subordinate agreements of this agreement, guidelines, etc. The subordinate rules, guidelines, etc. of this agreement apply to your use of this Service as part of this agreement.
    3. When the customer uses this Service, it is considered that the customer has agreed to these terms and conditions.
  • Article 2 (Application for This Service)
    1. Customers who wish to make use of this Service (hereinafter referred to as "the person who wants to use.") shall go to the Site’s application page of this Service and fill out the necessary information and send to the Company.
    2. The Company reviews the application of the person who wants to use, conducting the prescribed examination, to those who the Company has decided to provide the Service, issues an ID and password in order to use the Service. It is assumed that the provision of this Service to customers has started with the issuance (hereinafter referred to as “Member”, who has completed the application for this Service based on this clause and received the start of provision of this Service).
    3. If the person who wants to use is under the age of 20, please be sure to obtain the consent of your legal representative before applying for use. In addition, if the Company receives an application from the person who wants to use under the age of 20, the Company will consider that the person who wants to use has obtained the consent of the legal agent.
  • Article 3 (Contents of this Service)

    The contents of this Service provided by the Company on this Site shall be as stipulated in each item below.

    1. Confirmation of application status of applied Public Courses
    2. Saving Member information (student, billing address information)
    3. Services incidental to the previous items
  • Article 4 (Application for Group Training)
    1. When Member is applying to a Public Course, the contract relating to such application is established upon sending invoices from the Company (the sending method follows the Article 16).
    2. When applying for a Public Course as a Member, the Member agrees to the Public Course provision rules (https://www.quintegral.co.jp/en/terms/cource-policy/) established by the Company will be applied.
  • Article 5 (Change of Member Information)

    If there is a change in the Member's registration information, the Member must promptly change the changed information on this Site. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the failure to change the registered information, beyond the scope of Article 10.

  • Article 6 (Prohibited Matters)
    1. Members shall not perform the acts specified in the following items when using this Service.
      1. Lending or leaking ID and password to a third party
      2. Input and transmission of false information
      3. Acts that give disadvantage to the Company and other Members and third parties
      4. Acts that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights of the Company or a third party
      5. Acts of using this Service for purposes other than the purpose of this Service intended by the Company
      6. Acts that violate the law
      7. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
    2. If the Company determines that the Member has performed the acts specified in the preceding items, or if the Company determines that the following items apply, the Member registration will be deleted and the Company may take necessary measures such as discontinuing the provision of this Service or discontinuing the provision of this Service.
      1. When the ID or password is illegally used
      2. When there is a false matter in the content of the Membership application
      3. When there is violation of this agreement
      4. In addition, when the Company judges it is necessary
  • Article 7 (Handling of Personal information)
    1. The company handles personal information that Members provided to this Service (refers to what is defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Article 2, Item 1) in accordance with the Company's privacy policy (https://www.quintegral.co.jp/en/privacypolicy/).
    2. Members agree with the Company’s privacy policy when they use this Service.
  • Article 8 (Withdrawal)

    Members may withdraw from Membership at any time. In this case, if the Member wishes to withdraw from the Membership, he / she shall perform the withdrawal procedure from the withdrawal page on this Site. Even if the Member withdraws, the obligation to pay the unsettled invoices will continue to exist. In addition, the same obligation to pay the unsettled invoices will be applied, in the event that a Member of the qualification is stopped or deleted by Article 6.

  • Article 9 (Interruption of this Service, etc.)
    1. In any of the following cases, the Company shall be able to suspend, change or abolish all or part of this Service, or change the contents at its discretion without notifying the Members in advance.
      1. When inspecting or maintaining the computer system related to this Service
      2. When this Service cannot be operated due to a failure of a computer, communication line, etc., erroneous operation, excessive concentration of access, unauthorized access, hacking, etc.
      3. When this Service cannot be operated due to force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, storms and floods, power outages, infectious diseases, and natural disasters.
      4. When it becomes difficult to provide this Service due to laws and regulations, administrative sanctions, etc.
      5. In addition, when the Company deems it necessary
    2. If the Company suspends, changes or abolishes all or part of this Service based on the preceding items, or causes damage to a Member or a third party due to a change in the content, except in the case of intentional or gross negligence of the Company, the Company does not take any responsibilities. If the Company is liable for damages, the provisions of the next article shall apply mutatis mutandis.
  • Article 10 (Compensation for Damages)
    1. The Company shall be liable for damages only when the Member suffers damage due to the intentional or gross negligence of the Company in connection with the use of this Service.
    2. The provisions of the preceding items shall not apply if the contract between the Company and the Member regarding this Service falls under the Article 2.3 of the Consumer Contract Law.
    3. In the case of Item 1, the Company shall be liable for the damage suffered by the Member due to the intentional or gross negligence of the Company only for the direct and ordinary damage actually caused to the Member, and the upper limit of the amount of damage compensation shall be the amount of a public course that the Member applied at the closest timing to the occurrence of the damage.
    4. In the case of Item 2, the Company shall apply the provisions of the preceding items mutatis mutandis to the damage caused by the Company's negligence (excluding gross negligence in this section).
  • Article 11 (Disclaimer)
    1. The liability for damages owed by the Company regarding this Service or this agreement shall be limited to the scope of the preceding article regardless of the reason, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the Member due to the following reasons, regardless of default liability, tort liability or other legal claims.
      1. Force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, storms and floods, power outages, epidemics of infectious diseases, natural disasters, mayhem, and riots.
      2. Failure of the Member's connection environment (hardware, software, peripherals, various settings, etc.) such as a failure of the usage environment or a malfunction of the Internet connection services to the equipment for this Service.
      3. Unauthorized access or attack by a third party to the equipment for this Service, which cannot be protected even with the care of a good administrator, and interception on the communication path.
      4. Damage caused by Members not complying with the procedures and security measures established by the Company
      5. Damage caused by software, etc. of a third party
      6. Of the equipment for this Service , damage caused by the hardware of a third party, etc.
      7. Damage caused by malfunction of telecommunications services provided by telecommunications carriers
      8. Other reasons that cannot be attributed to the Company
    2. The Company shall not be liable for any dispute, etc. that arises between the Member and a third party due to the use of this Service by the Member However, this does not apply to disputes caused by reasons attributable to the Company.
    3. The Company’s responsibility under these Terms shall be limited to the operation of this Service with reasonable efforts, and the Company does not take any responsibility to be accurate, up-to-date, useful, reliable, legal, and fit for a specific purpose, including not infringing on the rights third parties, and the Company does not make any guarantees.
    4. The Company does not guarantee that the mail contents sent from this Site, server, domain, etc. do not contain harmful things such as computer viruses.
    5. The Company may provide information to Members, but the Company is not responsible for the act of using the information.
    6. The Company is not liable for any damages caused by the Member's violation of this agreement.
    7. Member Upon make use of this Service, the Member needs to prepare network, computer, software and the like as Member side of the user environment at the Member’s cost. The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by the preparation of user environment of the Member or the user environment itself.
  • Article 12 (Attribution of Rights)

    This Service, the content provided by this Service, know-how regarding this Service, and all other matters provided or presented regarding this Service are protected by copyright law, trademark law, and other intellectual property-related laws. The Member shall confirm that the Company holds all rights regarding this Service and that all rights regarding the content used by the Member in this Service are held by the Company.

  • Article 13 (Change of this Agreement)
    1. The Company shall be able to change this agreement without prior notice to the Members if the Company deems it necessary. In addition, the Company shall inform the fact that this agreement will be changed, the content after the change and the effective date by posting on this Site or other appropriate methods.
    2. For this Agreement after the change and shall become effective at the time of the display on this Site or on the effective date the Company determine, and after the Terms change, if Member agreed or has used this Service, the Members are deemed to have accepted the contents of this agreement after the change. However, in the case of changes that require the consent of the Member by law, the consent of the Member shall be obtained by the method prescribed by the Company.
  • Article 14 (Representations and Warranties of Not Anti-Social forces)
    1. Members represent and guarantee that they are not anti-social forces such as gangsters and that they have no transactions with anti-social forces.
    2. If a Member violates the preceding items, the Company shall be able to take the measures stipulated in Article 6.2 and claim damages from the Member.
    3. If a Member has any relationship with an anti-social force, when it is found that the related party is an anti-social force or there is a suspicion that the third party is an anti-social force or is related to an anti-social force, the Member shall promptly and accurately notify the Company of the facts and the circumstances. In addition, the Company will promptly resolve the relationship and, in some cases, seek the cooperation of the police and others.
  • Article 15 (Transfer of status, etc.)
    1. Members may not assign, transfer, set collateral, or otherwise dispose of their status under the usage contract or the rights or obligations based on this agreement to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.
    2. When the Company transfers the business related to this Service to another company, the status under the usage contract, the rights and obligations based on this agreement, the registered items of the Member and other customer information will be transferred in connection with the transfer of the business. It shall be possible to transfer to a person, and the Member shall consent to such transfer in advance in this section. In addition, the business transfer set forth in this section, all of the normal transfer of the business regardless, the company division and other business shall contain all cases to transfer.
  • Article 16 (Contact, etc.)
    1. Inquiries, contacts and notification from Members to the Company related to this Service, and notifications, contacts from the Company to Members shall be made in accordance with the provisions of this Article.
    2. Members must set up so that they can receive e-mails from the Company using their e-mail addresses.
    3. When the Company notifies Members by e-mail notification of information about this Service or by disseminating or notifying on this Site, when the Company sends it to the registered e-mail address or this Site, the notification will be deemed complete at the time of the notification is made.
    4. Because of Members did not notify the Company of the change in the email address, did not properly set the reception, did not browse this Site, and communicated that the email address registered by the Member was incomplete, if Members do not receive the notification from the Company due to the fact that Members could not browse due to a failure etc., the Company will not be liable for the non-delivery. In addition, the Member shall be liable for all damages caused by the non-delivery and shall exempt the Company from liability unless the Company has intentional or gross negligence.
    5. The Company will notify Members of new services, distribute advertisements, provide administrative communications regarding service operations, and other information. However, if the Member notifies the Company that he / she does not wish to receive the information by the method prescribed by the Company, the information will not be provided except when necessary for the provision of this Service.
    6. The Company may conduct various questionnaire surveys, campaigns, monitor applications, etc. for Members. Members agree to reprint the content of opinions and information posted by the Company through them in information magazines, magazines, copyrighted works on the Web, etc. in a form that the Company cannot identify individuals.
  • Article 17 (Separability)

    Even if any provision of this agreement or a part thereof is determined to be invalid by the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions of this agreement and some provisions determined to be invalid, the rest remains valid and amends the invalidated clause or part thereof to the extent necessary to make it valid, and to the maximum extent the invalidated clause or part thereof. It shall be construed to ensure the same purpose and legally and economically equivalent effect.

  • Article 18 (Agreement Jurisdiction and Governing Law)
    1. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance for complaints regarding this agreement.
    2. The interpretation of this agreement shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan.


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