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Critical Thinking

Course Summary

Have the changes brought by the expanding global environment created personnel difficulties in your workplace?

Are you able to properly screen and understand the enormous amount of information that flows by you each day as a result of the ever-present Internet?
In today’s fast-paced marketplace, are you able to achieve the same productivity from efforts and methods that worked in the past?
In this course, you will learn how to think with a comprehensive point of view. You will discover how to think critically–without being locked into only your own ideas … how to think with greater accuracy and precision, and make decisions more logically and clearly.


  • Fee
  • 71,500 yen (
  • Venue
  • TBD
  • Language
  • Japanese
  • Hosted by
  • Quintegral Ltd.
  • Location
  • Online/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Others
  • Duration
  • 1 day(9:30-17:30)
  • PDU
  • Power Skills: 7.0

Select date & time

  • Jun.14,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Aug.22,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Sep.19,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Nov.28,2024 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Jan.17,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Feb.17,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Mar.18,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Apr.18,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • May.15,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online
  • Jun.19,2025 09:30~17:30 @Online

Important Notice

  • Live online seminar is delivered using Zoom.

How You Will Benefit

  • ● Be able to grasp your situation precisely, and as a result will be better in deciding and behaving.
  • ● Sharpen your mindset and ability to judge what is real and what is not, in today’s diverse and information-flooded environment.
  • ● Learn skills to capture the essence of things, without being influenced by past experiences or prior circumstances.
  • ● Learn logical communication skills in order to understand the ideas of others as well as provide accurate feedback on your own ideas.
  • ● Acquire the mindset characteristic of all effective critical thinkers.
  • ● Recognize the presence of strong illusions and emotions that may prevent appropriate decisions.

Who Should Attend

  • Business professionals who want to gain critical thinking skills, the ability to discern the nature and essence of things, and the means to apply it effectively at work.

Course Outline

1. Introduction
・What is critical thinking?
・Critical thinking in business situations
・When is critical thinking useful?
・The critical thinking process
2. Grasping the situation
・Judge what is real and what is not
・Questioning to enable you to reach the essence of the situation
 - Socratic method
 - Effective questioning (of oneself and others)
・Observe from multiple viewpoints
 - Ask for the viewpoints of others
 - Try to see things from multiple viewpoints
3. Evaluating your own ideas―and those of others
・Generate hypotheses (ask for ideas)
・Check the logic of all possibilities
・Logical structure (The Logic Tree)
・MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive)
 - How to create
 - How to check and verify
・Check your illusions and strong emotions
 - Recognize your illusions
 - Acknowledge your strong emotions
4. Arriving at a conclusion
・Evaluation from others
・Express your results in pictures and figures
・Final check (logical collapse/ security leak)
5. Developing the mindset necessary for critical thinking
6. Final Exercise

Prerequisite / Pre-Assignment


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