Program Lineup

Management Skills for Administrative Professionals

Course Summary

Enhance your performance with management and leadership capabilities.

Your immediate takeaway
• Effectively manage changing responsibilities
• Communicate and negotiate with confidence
• Apply management and leadership skills to achieve continuous improvement

The support you provide as an administrative professional is vital to your organization’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. Today, most senior managers expect you to have leadership and management skills in order to set your own administrative priorities. In addition, you must have skills to manage all contacts, create, store and retrieve documents, plus a broad variety of other administrative skills. To do all of this successfully, you need to have strategic insight and be able to innovate better processes. At the same time, you must be tactical, process-oriented, and driven toward continuous improvement.
This comprehensive seminar gives you a wide range of skills to help you handle any work challenge with greater confidence and effectiveness. Leave with an action plan of best practices to apply immediately on the job.


  • Fee
  • 148,500 yen (
  • Venue
  • TBD
  • Language
  • English
  • Hosted by
  • Quintegral Ltd.
  • Location
  • Online/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Others
  • Duration
  • 2 days(9:30-17:30)
  • PDU
  • Power Skills: 14.0

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    Important Notice

    • ● For those who are attending Live Online seminar, a hard copy of assessment will be sent to the address registered for this course prior to the seminar.
    • ● Live online seminar is delivered using Zoom.

    How You Will Benefit

    • ● Manage changing roles and responsibilities whether working with bosses, peers, team members or customers
    • ● Meet dynamic work expectations by expanding your proactive capabilities
    • ● Clearly and confidently communicate and negotiate to manage conflicts and achieve results
    • ● Apply emotional intelligence and effective listening practices to your job
    • ● Use strategic diplomacy to handle office politics, difficult people and demanding situations

    Who Should Attend

    • Experienced administrative professionals, including executive secretaries, administrative assistants, secretaries or other members of the administrative support staff who need to expand their management skills so they can better support their organization and enhance their careers.

    Course Outline

    1. Manage Change
     - Use Personal Change Management to Work More Effectively with and Through Others
     - Bring About Change Even When Faced with Resistance
     - Apply a Systematic Approach to Plan and Engage Others in the Change Process
    2. Manage Roles, Responsibilities and Team Work
     - Manage Roles, Responsibilities and Authority to Meet Goals
     - Identify and Support Differing Work Style Preferences Using New Skills and Best Practices
     - Recognize and Proactively Use Critical Thinking to Support Achievement of Team-Based Goals
    3. Manage Time and Priorities
     - Establish a Systematic and Efficient Approach to Work Using Prioritization and Time Management Strategies
     - Identify Strategic Uses of Technology to Manage Information and Better Utilize Time
     - Evaluate Current Roles and Responsibilities That Can Be Delegated
    4. Manage Relationships and Communication
     - Use Emotional Intelligence and Effective Listening Practices to Prepare to Be an Effective Colleague, Partner and Leader
     - Apply Assertive Communication Using Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors
     - Exhibit Confidence and Influence Using Tested Presentation Models
    5. Managing Negotiations and Conflicts
     - Define the Sources of Conflict in the Workplace
     - Employ Strategic Diplomacy to Handle Office Politics, Difficult People and Demanding Situations
     - Negotiate to Empower Self and Others to Achieve Goals
    6. Action Plan
     - Review a Comprehensive List of New Management Skills and Strategies Learned and Practiced Throughout the Program
     - Reflect on Best Practices That Will Be Applied in the Near or Long Term

    Prerequisite / Pre-Assignment

    TOEIC Score 650 or Higher

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