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AMA network provides you with a high quality standard of courses across the world.

Quintegral provides a wide variety of programs and faculty with global business experiences to help global business leaders equip with cutting edge skills and knowledge.
AMA courses are very interactive and fast paced. The courses include group discussions, individual exercise and many other effective learning tools to enhance effectiveness of learning.

PDUs* can be obtained from each course.
We also have a voucher system that you can take advantage of.

※PDU(Professional Development Units)is a unit for quantitativery certilying continuing learning necessary for maintaining PMPR certification, and one PDU corresponds to one hour.

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Individuals can register for a course on their own needs or desires.

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“Trial courses are available only for HR representatives who are considering using Quintegral’s training services including in-house
and public courses and need to check the quality of the course.

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